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Surgery for Dogs and Cats

Spay/Neuter - To alter or not to alter? That is the question.

Spaying or neutering can be done at approximately six months of age. There is some newer research on the best age to spay or neuter your pet, and there are several health considerations to weigh when making the decision, including their lifestyle, breed, and predisposition to certain conditions. We will discuss all of this with you during your pet’s examination so that you can make the best choice for your pet.

Nora Veterinary Hospital Spay Neuter Services
Nora Veterinary Hospital General Surgery

General Surgery

All veterinarians are trained in general surgery. Since Dr. Flory has a special interest in a wide variety of surgical procedures, he has obtained additional experience and can perform most surgeries safely at our facility. If, however, your pet can benefit from the expertise of a board-certified veterinary surgeon, Dr. Flory will arrange a referral to a specialist. 

Common surgical procedures performed at Nora Veterinary Hospital include:

Veterinary Surgical Procedures Nora Veterinary Hospital
Dog and Cat Care

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