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Senior Pet Care

Older pets are special in so many ways, including in their health care needs. As pets’ bodies and minds age, we also adjust our wellness care to meet their emerging needs, keeping them happy and comfortable throughout their senior years.

Nora Veterinary Hospital Senior Pet Weight Management

Weight Management

Older pets may become less active than they were in their youth, which may mean their diets need to be adjusted to avoid putting on extra pounds. Obesity is a major contributing factor to heart, lung, and joint health, so keeping older pets at a healthy weight is essential to whole-body health. We’ll also discuss ways to keep senior pets active – after all, old dogs (and cats!) can learn new tricks!


Sometimes, senior dogs and cats develop medical conditions that require changes in what they eat. But they still need to get proper nutrition to stay healthy. We’ll talk about what therapeutic diets can do for pets, why they might be good options, and how to ensure they are getting all the vitamins, minerals, and resources they need.

Nora Veterinary Hospital Senior Pet Nutrition
Nora Veterinary Hospital Senior Pet Mobility

Mobility Issues

Senior cats may be spending more time napping, and older dogs may struggle with stairs, but not all of it can be chalked up to aging. We’ll talk about what’s “normal” considering your pet’s history, check for any orthopedic issues like osteoarthritis, and offer suggestions to help keep pets comfortable as they move about their daily lives. 


Just like you have your blood checked to evaluate your overall health and organ functions, your pets need the same type of monitoring. And because they age faster than us humans, it’s important to screen for issues routinely so any change or abnormality can be addressed quickly. It is this proactive approach that can make an enormous difference in the longevity and quality of your pet’s life.

Nora Veterinary Hospital Wellness Screenings
Nora Veterinary Hospital Senior Pet Cognitive Health

Cognitive Health

Just like humans, our pets’ cognitive abilities can decline as they age. We’ll discuss early signs of mental distress, the value of environmental enrichment and play for older pets, and options for treatment if your pet’s behavior indicates they’re struggling with cognitive function.  

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