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Boarding Agreement Form

Boarding Agreement Form

Boarding Form
  1. All pets boarding must be current on vaccinations. Written proof of vaccinations or verification with the pet's veterinarian must be provided before admission of the pet(s).

  2. If parasites are found on the pet during the stay, they will be treated as Nora Veterinary Hospital determines, and the cost of the treatments will be added to the total bill.

  3. If the pet must be separated from the general population and put in quarantine, added charges for quarantine procedures will be added to the total bill.

  4. If the pet is found to be aggressive and dangerous to the staff or other animals, they may be required to be discharged early or administered sedative medication for an additional charge. Special handling outside of normal handling routines may incur additional charges up to twice the cost of boarding per day.  

  5. All additional services must be requested at the time of drop off or prior to arrival. There will be no guarantee that services requested during the stay or at pick up will be performed. Services requiring a physical exam may be required to have an appointment scheduled and an exam fee will be added to the total invoice. However, if the pet's health or temperament makes it hazardous to the staff or the pet, certain services may not be performed.

  6. If the pet is to be picked up by someone other than the owner, arrangements must be made with the veterinary clinic regarding the bill prior to discharge.

  7. All reasonable precautions will be used to prevent injury and maintain the safety of the pet. Nora Veterinary Hospital is not responsible for the actions of the pet that may cause injury and/or escape.

  8. All pets not picked up within 7 days after the expected date of pickup will be considered abandoned. NVH is given the authorization to determine the viability of the pet(s) as they deem best, including euthanasia (putting to sleep).



In the event of a life-threatening medical emergency, all attempts will be made to contact the owner. If We are unable to reach you, please let us know how to proceed:

A) Treat my pet as needed, including transfer to a 24-hour facility if warranted. Do any and all diagnostic tests, treatments, and surgeries necessary for the well-being of my pet. I accept full financial responsibility for all charges related to the treatment of my pet(s) and understand that this could be several thousand dollars, depending on the specific condition.

B) Treat my pet as needed, but not to exceed

I understand that if the proposed treatment exceeds the amount designated, and I or my agent cannot be contacted, my pet will NOT receive further medical treatment even if it is life-threatening. I understand that if Dr. Flory or his/her agent(s) feel that my pet is undergoing needless pain and suffering due to the lack of medical care, and that the treatments and tests needed would exceed the above amount, Dr. Flory and his/her agent(s) are authorized to euthanize (put to sleep) my pet. I will be responsible for all charges accrued during that time period.    

C) Do not treat. In this situation, I authorize the doctors and staff of NVH to humanely euthanize my pet, and I accept financial responsibility for this procedure. 

This authorization will remain in effect until

or until I update this form.

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